The power of green web hosting

The Power Of Green Web Hosting

Aside from its positive environmental impact, perhaps the best aspect of green web hosting is its ability to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing performance and reliability. Several hosting companies have learned to maximize their energy efficiency while still providing customers with the quality hosting services they need. Today, green web hosting and green reseller hosting packages are available at extremely competitive prices, providing you with all of the features you would expect from a standard web

Visit GreenGeeks| * Starting at ~~$9.95~~$2.95/mo* * 24/7 Support via Chat, phone & Email * Full Review of GreenGeeks GreenGeeks was one of the first to introduce “green” in the world of web hosting, countering pollution with green energy points they buy from every hosting plan, negating their negative environmental impact 300%. However, as you are about to see, they are not just about the ecology, they deliver on the field of performance too. * Uptime – GreenGeeks is very reliable, and you can expect the uptime to be much better than 99.9% which is the standard in the industry. That’s very important for any online store owner. * Speed – GreenGeeks offers unlimited SSD storage, as well as LiteSpeed server technology coupled with MariaDB databases. That will ensure minimal load times and excellent performance. * Security – hardware redundancy will ensure your website

data always stays safe, and GreenGeeks real-time security scanning with automatic updates will keep the visitors safe. They also schedule nightly backups. Plus, every package has free SSL. * Customer support – GreenGeeks customer support is very responsive, no matter when you contact them via live chat. Plus, there is an impressive knowledge base to browse through and solve problems DIY way. * “Green” servers * Reliable servers with hardware redundancy and nightly backups * Not the cheapest, unless you get the three-year plan

In case your web site is hosted by that might be a good idea to promote your website as a completely "GREEN SITE" as that can enhance your site visitors/customers appeal and help to increase traffic to your site, and one of the following Green Site badges might become the perfect add-on to your green marketing campaign. » In order to install the badge just copy the HTML code and paste it to

your homepage:


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